Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Small Bang!!!

The road was loaded with cars, buses and motorbikes, as I was stopping the car near the Tun Sambanthan Monorail station suddenly the car was shaking.... something hit the back of the car.... me and wife was a little bit disoriented. Thank God it was just a kapcai that knock us.

The man in his late 20s, pick himself up and straightway started the bike and went off. As I was pulling down the window he just said "tak da apa2, everything is Ok", he was commenting on the little scratch that appeared from the knock. I said to him "Apa jadi nie Bang..." and as I about to talk, he sped off his bike. I don't really mind of him knocking us but he should have the heart to say sorry for 'driving recklessly' ... hmm if for motorbike what do we call it .... riding recklessly..... cannot remembered the words. My pregnant wife was in a shock state ... she still recalls the last accident that we had somewhere during CNY this year or last year.

The thing is Ya the car seems ok but it is actually the people that you should be concerned first not the car. Althought we are not bleeding but you cannot assumed that the person is ok by external look only. Some more it is you(the biker) that rammed us, you should have the deciency to admit your fault.

We always heard in the news that cars should give way to motorcyclists to avoid accident but it should also be done vice-versa. What ever we do in our live we should always give and take and a little bit of patient can prevent untowards accident. No pobs, i do have the motorbike registration number, still in the midst of to report or not ..... cross your (you know who you are) fingers that I'll skip the reporting part. Hehehe.... cheers :)